Home-made solar panels in our latest workshop

On the 26th October 2019, Ali, repowering technical officer, presented a solar panel making workshop at Finsbury park Mosque. This workshop was financed by Galbur foundation and made for the fathers in the mosque community.

Participants succeed in creating 2 homemade solar panels able to charge cellphones. They were very happy to learn more on how solar panels work and had a lot of questions about solar energy.

Ali became a physics teacher to explain how solar PV works and how we can use it, then everyone took tools to create a solar panel. It was a convivial, funny and an interesting day for all.

Thank you to all participants and to the Galbur foundation.

If you want to learn more about these workshops, participate, organize one for your school/company/event…

Please contact us: info@repowering.org.uk

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