Lambeth community turn out in numbers to celebrate their new solar coop

On the 22nd of October, Lambeth Community Solar welcomed it’s supporters to celebrate the project. Around 50 people came at the Lambeth Town Hall.

There were lots of passionate speakers followed by everyone enjoying wine, refreshments and sandwiches.

First, Dave Fuller, LCS project manager introduced the project and speakers, then Council Leader Jack Hopkins literally jumped on the stage in support of the project. He introduced Shaka, who is one of our young paid trainee graduates, who spoke about his experience. Duncan Law followed him to talk about the Transition Town Brixton and give us an external point of view on the project, he emphasised the danger of the Climate Emergency. Next, Harriet Lamb, Ashden CEO reminded us that Repowering is an Ashden award winner and why the project is a good opportunity to tackle the climate emergency. After her, we heard from two investors who explained what pushed them to invest. Then our volunteers spoke about their experiences and invited people to be involved in the community to create new solutions. Then Dave our master of ceremony concluded and invited everyone to have a drink.

People spoked to each-over, created links together and brought the community alive during this evening. It was a successful party, so friendly that we had to chuck everyone out to close the town hall room at 9:30pm.

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19.10.22 LCS_50

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