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Building Green skills in our communities

From primary school children taking their first steps, to adults entering a new sector, we help local communities build the skills they need to create a clean, fair energy future. If you’d like to talk about any of the education and training opportunities described below and how they can benefit your school, community or business, contact us at

Youth Training Programme

Our paid Youth Training Programme introduces young people to Community Energy and inspires them to be part of the Green Economy. The programme is designed for secondary school students and school leavers aged 16 to 19 who are interested in the environment and their community. It is aligned with Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) unit modules, meaning interns receive an AQA certificate upon completion. Students also complete two days of work experience  to give them a chance to use their new skills and gain confidence.

Our trainees tackle subjects including:

  • low-carbon and renewable technologies
  • technical feasibility analysis
  • solar panel making, installation, and design
  • energy efficiency
  • community engagement.

"I feel I have learned the skills to go out into the world and have open conversations about sustainability and renewable energy – because I have all of the knowledge to be able to communicate what I feel and what I think."

Youth Training Programme participant, 2022

Primary School Programmes


ReCreate is a five-week, drama-based programme that teaches young children about the local and global effects of climate change in an age-appropriate, sensitive and fun way. We know young people often feel a sense of disempowerment when it comes to the climate crisis. By introducing students to technological and social solutions and giving them opportunities to learn by doing and discussion, we help them to feel positive about the future and encourage them to create positive change.

Assemblies and workshops

Our range of in-school activities support environmental education with assemblies and workshops on:

  • the basics of global warming and why it is happening (Key Stage 2)
  • an introduction to the climate crisis (Key Stage 2)
  • climate change, renewable energy, power and responsibility – helping young people imagine a better future (Key Stage 3).

"Your sessions have been engaging, fun and informative and the children (and adults!) have learnt a lot. It has definitely been a highlight of the year so far."

Teacher, Bousfield Primary School

Solar panel building workshops

Our fun, hands-on, solar panel making workshops for children and adults bring people face-to-face with solar technology so that they can understand how it works and how it can contribute to a low-carbon energy future for Londoners.

Upskilling and Mentoring

From co-op Directors who become experts in collaborative decision-making to young mums learning new ways to use less energy, Repowering London offers a range of ways for people to learn new skills that can add value to their community and to their CV. Our volunteers build not just skills but confidence, which opens up new avenues for themselves and their families. Some even become invaluable members of the Repowering London team, and make sure their lived experience of the energy market is integrated into everything we do.

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