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Does your business want to help build a fairer, greener London? London’s best and brightest businesses are working alongside us to Repower London’s energy system and build sustainable communities. From hosting new solar installations, helping families facing fuel poverty, fundraising, or taking on apprentices, there are so many ways we can work together to meet your CSR goals. Find out more about partnerships with Repowering London.

Ways to Partner

Partner with Repowering and together we’ll work out exactly how your business can have the greatest impact in building a low carbon London, and address fuel poverty in our communities.

● Help us Build A Solar City – be one of our partners to collectively achieve our vision of quadrupling London’s community-led solar infrastructure.

● Lend us your team for a day in our Repowering London team-building event and we’ll send them back buzzing with achievement.

● Share your skills – or your cranes, if you have them.

● Fundraise or make us your non-profit of the Year.

● Support people facing fuel poverty this winter, including through exciting, participatory team events.

● Learn how to make solar panels.

Why Partner?

If you are working towards a Triple Bottom Line, then supporting us will meet your climate change, employment, community and poverty CSR goals all at once.

● Motivate and support your team by demonstrating your corporate values, and providing team-building exercises and team-away days.

● Expand your network by connecting with our other stakeholders, including local authorities, the GLA and large businesses. Click here to see our current list of partners. 

● Enhance your brand and corporate image by creating new opportunities for social marketing to highlight your work, including annual awards ceremonies and new solar project openings. 

● Gain qualified and empassioned young people who come out of our training programmes as your next apprentices, also supporting your targets for diversity and inclusion. 

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