#London Solar City

You have the power to make London a Solar City

Repowering London has supported Londoners to create a clean, fair energy future fuelled by community-owned energy for more than a decade. Now we’re raising our ambitions further with a bold vision for how our city could be transformed by solar energy and renewable technologies. Read on to learn more about our aims and how you can get involved.

What is #LondonSolar City?

Repowering London has been Creating Local Energy for 10 years, creating more than 700kWp of community-owned solar capacity. Now we want to inspire and support Londoners to do even more. Our aim is to add 5MW of community-owned energy capacity in the next five years – enough to power 2,000 London homes. The work has already begun, with 3MW in our development pipeline. 


We have a bold vision for how our city could be transformed by solar energy and renewable technologies and the expertise to make it happen. And now we’ve created a ground-breaking fast-track funding framework – Repowering Finance – which we hope will help to rapidly scale up London’s locally owned renewable energy.

An invitation to everyone - Be a Solar Citizen

Importantly, we understand that creating momentum behind a bright, clean, solar-powered future for London will mean bringing as many Londoners as possible on board. That’s where #LondonSolarCity comes in.


We hope this cross-platform campaign will help us to empower and inspire Londoners, spread the word about what community-owned solar energy can bring to us all, and show how easy it is to play an active role in a transition to a low-carbon society.

The five-year plan – what we are aiming for

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How you can get involved - Be a Solar Citizen

Over the coming months, we will be sharing information on what being a Solar City can bring to Londoners and ways for everyone to help – whatever the time you have to give.


Everyone can get involved, for instance by locating new places to put solar installations, investing directly in the new community solar assets created or joining a community solar co-operative and helping move it forward. 


Being a Solar Citizen is simple. Follow #LondonSolarCity to learn more.

Why is community-owned energy important?

The community energy movement provides a bottom-up approach to making our 28 million homes more comfortable and affordable, the opportunity for everyone to benefit from home-grown renewable energy, and a model that re-invests in people and communities.


By motivating Londoners and London’s business community to build our stock of community-owned energy we can start a genuine transformation in our energy landscape and put power where it belongs – in the hands of Londoners. 

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