Can you give some time to Create Local Energy?

Our Community Energy co-ops and other projects only work because local people get involved at every level. This could mean helping organise and promote events, publicising investment opportunities or even making key decisions as a co-op Director. Whatever the role you take on, we’ll give you all the support you need to give the most to – and get the most from – your volunteer experience with Repowering London. 

What's in it for you?

● Meet like-minded people and get to know your local area better

● Gain a wide range of skills depending on your interests

● Be supported and mentored by Repowering London in your role

● Get a deep understanding of the community energy sector and climate action in London

● Learn about community organising and co-operatives

● Obtain a reference and a volunteer certificate for future jobs

● Get access to training and workshops from Repowering London and partner organisations such as Co-ops UK.

"I found lots of people in my local area who have the same concerns I do and are who are trying to take action. It's also a way of being active without activism – which isn't appropriate for everyone. It's really important to have spaces that everyone can bring their talents to.​"

Henrietta Dale, North Kensington Community Energy Director

What can you do?

Repowering London volunteers get involved an a huge range of ways, including:

● Identifying sites where we might install solar panels

● Developing political lobbying campaigns

● Promoting community energy and low-carbon measures among local residents

● Running workshops and activities on climate and energy

● Researching partnernship opportunities

● Creating communications materials

● Directing the activity of a Community Energy co-op.

"I’ve been able to experience the internal workings of an organisation that’s benefitting a community. I’m involved in decision making and have a vote in important decisions … I’ve also developed my organisation and planning skills."

Masharof Ahmed,
Lambeth Community Solar Director
Source:Co-ops UK

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