Community Support Services

Around 2.55 million households in the UK are in fuel poverty, meaning that if they were to pay to heat their homes adequately, they would sink below the official poverty line. Repowering offers several programmes to help fight fuel poverty and ensure everyone can afford to adequately heat their homes.

Our Programmes

Home Energy Audits

We offer expert advice and guidance on energy savings measures to help reduce energy use and save money. We offer free home energy audits to residents, where an advisor surveys the home to see where efficiency measures could be implemented. This includes on-the-spot switching advice and the installation of a combination of energy efficiency measures. Residents save on energy bills and gain knowledge about how to reduce their consumption of electricity and heat. Between August 2017 and January 2019, we engaged around 1500 people and helped save a total of £11,900!


Energy Advice Desks

As well as visiting residents in their homes, we hold drop-in energy advice desks on-site and in spaces like food banks, Residents Association meetings, coffee mornings and community events in which anyone can come and talk to an advisor.  During the COVID pandemic, we have been offering these services remotely. 


Local Empowerment

Our fuel poverty work relies on trust and engagement, and resilient communities thrive when they can take action into their own hands. To fulfil this, we hire trusted and friendly Energy Champions from the local community to raise awareness of our services and generate referrals. We also hold energy efficiency workshops and train frontline staff at fuel poverty workshops.

Our impact

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