New project: Westway Sports Centre

Following the successful installation of 83 kWp of solar panels in 2019, North Kensington Community Energy are continuing our work in the borough. Working with the Westway Trust, we are currently installing 138 kWp of solar panels on the Westway Sports Centre.

On 14 October 2020, we will be launching a community share offer to finance the installation of the solar panels.

The Westway Sports Centre project will:

  • Generate a 3% annual return on investment
  • Save up to 28 tonnes of CO2 a year from being pumped into the atmosphere
  • Create a Community Fund of £42,000 to benefit the local area

If you would like to pledge, please complete the form by clicking the button below.

The project has been developed by Repowering London and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Climate Change Team, with the support of the RBKC Council Leadership.

The benefits to the community








How it works

A community benefit society is set up which runs the project and also serves as the vehicle through which funds are raised. Community benefit societies are legal entities whose statutory purpose is to serve the broader interests of the community. By using this model we ensure that financial returns are locked into the borough, delivered back to the community, thereby delivering a truly socially responsible energy project.

Local residents, businesses, councils and other stakeholders can invest in the society by purchasing shares and becoming shareholders and members. The society is run by its members and a board of directors who come from the local community. Governance of the society is truly democratic as each member has one vote, regardless of the amount they invest.

The funds raised through the shares allows the society to buy and install renewable energy assets (solar panels) and provides an income stream. Shareholders receive a competitive return on their investment in the range of 3-4% per annum. After meeting core costs and investor returns, surplus income is ring-fenced to be spent within the community.



NKCE currently has 4 voluntary directors. Their role is to ensure the Community Benefit Society is running well and support its development. If you have a specific question for one of the Directors, you can contact them by clicking on their picture.

Volunteers and directors hold regular meetings to develop NKCE. We have defined a set of values to make decisions and work together effectively:

  • Be positive
  • Be respectful
  • Speak succinctly and let everyone have their say
  • Agree by consensus
  • Be responsible for actions you agreed to undertake and be honest if you find you can’t fulfil them or need to ask for help
  • Listen to hear

Felix is Repowering’s Technical Director and leads on Repowering’s technical development and emerging
business models. These include the application of new energy storage technologies, the deployment of remote metering and monitoring on our existing projects, and the development of new electricity supply arrangements that would put more power into the hands of local communities.

Dave is Project Manager at Repowering, community organiser and activist. As the project manager for NKCE, Dave has been
working with local schools to develop educational workshops on energy efficiency and renewable power, as well as delivering the NKCE Community Energy Training Programme.

Afsheen is Repowering’s Co-Founder/Co-CEO. Afsheen sits as Chair of the Brixton Energy Solar Co-operatives, the UK’s first inner-city community-owned solar power stations; is Chair of Community Energy England and remains influential in both local and national community energy decision making.

Toby is a community artist, designer, educator and organiser from West London. He has designed and delivered over 60 community-based art and design projects across North Kensington since 2005. He was a market trader on Portobello for almost ten years, a local primary school governor for eight years and a recent trustee for a local community transport provider.

Neil is a resident in North Kensingto, where he is involved in community life through his church, NKCE and other environmental organisations. As a director, Neil is helping raise awareness about community energy in RBKC, so that every resident has the opportunity to be involved in tackling climate change in the borough. Neil is studying for a PhD in climate policy at Imperial College in South Kensington.