Five fast ways you can help make London a Solar City

Here are five simple ways you can become an active Solar Citizen and help create London’s fair, green and low-carbon future with community-owned solar energy  

We know that many people have less time than ever to give, but also that transforming our city is a crucial step to achieving London’s net-zero goals, healing our broken energy system and arming ourselves with the community resilience we’ll need to get through difficult times. That’s why we’ve put together a set of easy suggestions for how everyone can help spread the reach of community-owned solar energy 

10-Second Action

1. Subscribe to our newsletter

Signing up to our Repowering London newsletter is an easy way to keep up with events and new community energy projects coming to your area, and all the ways community energy is helping to transform London’s energy landscape for the better.  

1-Minute Action

2. Spread the word

We know we can’t make London a Solar City without getting everyone involved. You can help by sharing our short video, subscribing to our YouTube channel, and spreading the word about the benefits that adding new community solar energy projects will bring to our city. Follow us also on Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook and LinkedIn and please share our posts and progress with your own networks.

2-Minute Action

3. Help us build 5MW more

Our plan to bring 5MW of new community energy to London will mean plenty of opportunities to invest in community share offers that will fund new projects. These are a chance to make a return on the money you put in, while creating tangible change for your fellow Londoners. Click the button below to make sure you are the first to hear of future investment opportunities from Repowering London. And if you are new to community energy, find out more about investing here. 

5-Minute Action

4. Learn about your local community energy co-op

Repowering London supports eight established community energy co-operatives already and more are in the early stages of development. Just launched is Hammersmith & Fulham Community Energy and a new group is also forming in Newham. You can find out if there is an existing group near you by browsing our website, where you will also see all of the ways that community-owned solar energy is changing lives and empowering Londoners to create a fairer, greener energy system! 

10-Minute Action

5. Fix the UK energy system

Outdated laws are keeping community energy organisations like Repowering London from selling green, cheap, locally generated electricity direct to Londoners. This locks people into a broken energy system that charges high rates, creates fuel poverty and keeps profits in private hands. This can change, if we all lobby our MPs to support community energy. More than ever we need to let every MP know that we care about community energy and demand that they do everything they can to support it as an essential part of achieving our net zero ambitions, reducing fuel poverty, and creating resilient, empowered communities. The link to Community Energy England‘s campaign page below will show you how to make a start. 

Have more time to share? Here’s how to help

Just take a look at our pages on volunteering, corporate partnerships and even joining our team

What are the benefits of making London a Solar City? Read our recent blog here. 

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