Advocacy and Policy Development

At Repowering, we believe community energy has enormous potential for the UK energy sector. We take a leading role in communicating the opportunities and benefits it has to offer, as well as advocating for a more supportive regulatory landscape. We have a track record for policy development in the national arena and are privileged with an extensive network in the community energy sphere. 

Co-founder of Community Energy England

Community Energy England was established in 2014 to represent the sector in policy and regulation. It publishes a report every year on the State of the Sector, as well as consultation responses and policy positions. CEE acts as a strong, coordinated voice for members to support community energy development and aims to drive the energy system towards a low-carbon future.

Co-founder of Community Energy London

Centred on supporting community energy groups in London, CEL was founded in 2016 to corroborate a network of groups and individuals and lobby on their behalf. It holds an annual conference in City Hall to share expertise, debate ideas and identify future opportunities.

Advising Government

Repowering has advised three governments since its inception in 2011. We currently have a presence on the Local Energy Contact Group, a special unit that advises the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy on community energy policy, and on the DG Forum Steering Group which convenes representatives from the distributed generation sector and Distribution Network Operators, reporting to Ofgem.

Partners - Aga and Chuka

Taking Part

Due to our expertise and reputation we are often invited to participate in a variety of consultations, projects and events. In the past we have attended industry workshops, represented the sector on the Open Networks Project and contributed to the Labour Party’s Environment Campaign. We took part in London Climate Action Week as a panellist and organised events around the city, and are currently working on innovation trials with the Greater London Authority.