September Newsletter

This month we are going to the Youth Climate Strike and launching our new community share offer for Lambeth Community Solar!

Join us at the Youth Climate Strike on September 20th

Young people in the UK who have been striking for the climate are calling on everyone to join them on Friday 20th September as part of a massive global day of action. Repowering London has backed the movement since the very beginning and all of us will be there to show our support this month.

We invite all our supporters to join us in solidarity with the school strikers!

How Repowering supports young people

133 young people have graduated from our paid training programme since 2012, giving them the practical skills and training necessary to thrive in the green economy.

You can help us support London’s communities by investing in Lambeth Community Solar

We are delighted to announce our newest share offer, Lambeth Community Solar, is now open! INVEST NOW and bring solar power to two schools in Lambeth. We are installing 145kWp of solar panels on schools in the south of the Borough which will save 32 tonnes of CO2 a year, save the schools £27,000 on heir electricity and create a community fund. You will receive your money back and a 3% interest across the 20-year life of the project.

Students from both schools have been striking for climate or involved in Extinction Rebellion movement. Let’s show them that they have been heard and make a step forward towards fighting climate change.

We hope to see you on the 20th as schools, businesses, politicians and communities come together to strike for the climate!

The Repowering Team – Agamemnon, Afsheen, Felix, Ben, Dave, Charlotte, Rhys, Ali, Eva, Hannah, and our amazing volunteers.

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