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Energy Garden will create green space on London Overground stations

Energy Gardens are spaces for local people to come together and grow food, generate and use clean energy, improve the local environment and build their community. They are green spaces where people will have the opportunity to get their hands in the soil to grow vegetables, get on roofs to install solar panels, communicate with other gardening groups via solar powered interactive message boards and learn about how to make preserves, brew beer, harvest honey, store seeds, cook and support biodiversity. Become a member today www.EnergyGarden.org.uk 

Crops from the garden are shared with local people and food banks. Projects like honey and hops shared with volunteers and supporters.

With the support of Players of the People’s Postcode Lottery the Greater London Authority, the London Sustainable Development Commission, and in partnership with community energy experts Repowering, Energy Garden is creating 40 gardens across the capital’s Overground stations.

Community Solar

In addition to managing solar powered water pumps, lights and notice boards in the Energy Gardens, Repowering have created a community owned solar portfolio. The funds for the installation will be raised through a community bond offer, providing local people with the opportunity to receive a return on their clean energy investment. www.Ethex.org.uk/EnergyGarden  In addition to providing an annual return to investors, the income generated by the sale of the solar electricity will sustain the gardening projects by covering the ongoing cost of materials and general upkeep.

Its not too late to apply for 16-19 olds AQA accreditted, paid, training programme.

Get involved in your community

To nominate your station and help bring Energy Garden to your community complete an application form, tweet @EnergyGardenLDN or use the hashtag #greenmyoverground

​To find out more information about how you can get invovled send us an e-mail at info@energygarden.org.uk 

Energy Garden business opportunities

Get involved as a business

Energy Garden offers your organisation a unique opportunity to support innovative community projects across London that will build clean energy infrastructure and create green spaces within urban areas. As the Energy Gardens will be seen by thousands of Londoners passing through the capital’s Overground stations each day, this represents a fantastic opportunity to associate your name with this exciting new programme.

There are three main ways in which your organisation could get involved:

  • Lease of your assets to house solar array

A portion of your roof space or land area could be used to house an array of solar panels for twenty years and support this project while providing you with financial benefits via rental income or the use of discounted renewable electricity.

  • Become a shareholder by investing in solar energy

By becoming a shareholder in the Energy Garden solar array through our community share offer, you could support the upkeep of the gardens and also receive a 4% annual return on your investment. In addition, you may be eligible to receive tax relief advantages. (Tax relief opportunities depend on the nature of your organisation – please get in touch to discuss this further)

  • Internships and training opportunities

By supporting Energy Garden internships and training opportunities, your organisation could help develop local skills and talent while building ties with your local community. You could even get directly involved with the Energy Garden projects by participating in staff team building and volunteering days.

Get in touch

For more information please visit www.energygarden.org.uk

e-mail: info@energygarden.org.uk       

call: 07960829826

Our supporters

Good afternoon,

One of our clients was involved in the recent but unsuccessful Energy Garden fund raise and we would like to be notified about future Energy Garden fund raisers.

Please could you confirm receipt of this request and if this is possible?

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Ben Kemmish on behalf of an Energy Garden investor from - 5 months ago

Wish I could make it to the launch on June 6th. I'll be there in spirit, and now I'm in as an investor! Big CHEESE!

Portia Kamons - about 1 year ago

This looks like a really great community scheme!

David Butler - about 1 year ago

i like the look of this project, i might be able to offer help also via masters students.

Ben Croxford - about 1 year ago

Sounds a wonderful, positive, win-win project.

Andrea Simpson - over 1 year ago

Ideally interested in hackney projects, but will consider anything renewables

Phil Buckley - over 1 year ago

Interesting looking project, good idea.

Ben Croxford - over 1 year ago

Love what you are doing!

Duncan Law - over 1 year ago

Makes a lot of sense to have a multifunctional space and to combine complimentary sustainable projects! Great idea!

Will Forbes - almost 2 years ago

Small steps to building an alternative economy- I like it!

Carolyn Hayman - about 2 years ago

I look forward to investing with you.

Christopher Smith T/a Ajuga Holdings - about 2 years ago

It looks like an awesome project to support sustainability on my neighbourhood

ALFONSO BERROCAL - almost 3 years ago

Great idea to combine gardening with generating solar energy. Something we should also do on our estate, where community gardening is already very popular.

bas raijmakers - over 3 years ago

I looks like an excellent project, looking forward to hearing about progress.

Harriet - over 3 years ago

This seems a terrific project, wish that I lived nearer.

Paul Davies - almost 4 years ago

What a fantastic project. Cant wait to get involved helping and learning with it!

Gustavo Henker - almost 4 years ago

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