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Community Solar Power for Electric Avenue and the Markets

Electric Avenue was the first shopping street in Britain to be lit by electric light in 1888 when it became known as ‘the Oxford Street of the south." The area has a rich history and since the 1870s has been a community hub, a place of unique architecture, and a diverse market selling a wide variety of goods representing the cultural mix of Brixton.

Lambeth Council has commissioned Repowering London to undertake a feasibility study to investigate bringing solar energy to Electric Avenue and the Brixton Market area. Lambeth Council has secured funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of the Townscape Heritage Initiative.

Repowering London is currently surveying both local residents and businesses in the Brixton Market area and investigating project feasibility. If feasible, this project could mean:

  • Installing solar panels on roofs in the area

  • Providing energy at a reduced cost to market traders

  • Creating paid training opportunities for local people

  • Funding community activities

  • Improving the streetscape in and around the markets

If you have any questions about this project please email info@repowering.org.uk.

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Our supporters

Any new upcoming projects?

Nicolas Cardyn - almost 3 years ago

just attended the launch of the fantastic banister house solar project. it was extremely moving to hear their experiences of that project from members of the community. much more of this, please!

prince Eze onuoha - about 3 years ago

Would like to discuss if you have any plan to engage energy consumers to save energy?

Anne France Kennedy - over 3 years ago

Loved the speech at the climate change rally on 29/11. Sounds like an interesting organisation!

Laura Collins - over 3 years ago

I just attended the launch of the fantastic banister house solar project. it was extremely moving to hear their experiences of that project from members of the community. much more of this, please!

isabella forshall - almost 4 years ago

Are there any new schemes in the pipeline?

Michael Isaacs - almost 4 years ago

I love both community projects and environmental projects. This is perfect, get off the grid, get free from big business.

patrick bettington - almost 4 years ago

Love the project. Am interested in investing and learning more about further implementation.

Ricky Bartlett - about 4 years ago

Fully support any community renewable energy scheme and projects that work towards improved sustainability.

Cai Draper - about 4 years ago

Having invested in schemes in South Wales and Plymouth, it is good to see an opportunity closer to home

Mark Handley - over 4 years ago

This sounds like an excellent initiative. Looking forward to getting involved.

Shane Heffernan - over 4 years ago

Self sufficient energy communities is the way forward.

Parminder Sandhu - over 4 years ago

Depending on the business plan, local support and rates of return I would be interested in inventing, I have already invented in other renewable energy projects and it comes down to which has the best plan and the best rates.

Callum Bainbridge - over 4 years ago

Incredible to know that projects such as this are happening from the roots up...

Karoo Chanti - over 4 years ago


Stephen Smithfield - over 4 years ago

hey team,

it is so great what you do.

The world must do this!

I will model this.

Its magic!!

clemens netz - over 4 years ago

An imaginative project - very exciting.

Becca Thackray - over 4 years ago

What a wonderful initiative. Would be proud to help support it.

Mark Horowitz - almost 5 years ago

Good luck team! Energy is the crop of the future and you're we're the first pioneering farmers. Here's to a clean green energy future!

Iain Clamp - almost 5 years ago

I'm not sure if I've already been in touch, if so, I'm still interested in the project; if not, I'd like to know more.

cleo cantone - almost 5 years ago

Sounds like a good project, as long as feed in tariffs are guaranteed for the life of the investment. Also, the cost of solar panels keeps falling.

Emmanuel Raymond - almost 5 years ago

Fantastic initiative

Kim Bouwer - about 5 years ago

Looks like community-owned renewable energy is the only way that decentralisation and decarbonisation of energy supply in UK will be achieved if the Black Six utilities do not Switch Off Fossil Fuels.

Jon Lewes - over 5 years ago

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