Community groups

We are currently mentoring five community energy groups to facilitate community energy across London. We are working with Brixton Energy, Hackney Energy, Rosendale Energy, Vauxhall Energy and Streatham Power, whilst supporting the development of Community Energy London.

For more information about getting involved in these groups and Community Energy London please contact


Internship and work experience opportunities

Repowering London places great value on providing paid learning and training opportunities for the community during the development of renewable energy schemes.


Local project internships

Repowering London runs a paid internship programme for residents and young people who are local to the community energy project being set up. We are now recruiting interns. Find out more about the next available programme in 2017. This includes three work stream:

  1. 3 month paid internship for young people (14-24 years old)
    Through this internship, interns will gain an understanding of developing and delivering community-owned renewable energy projects in their local area. Interns commit a minimum of four hours per week, and are paid the London Living Wage. Topics include:

    • Solar-panel making and renewable energy technology
    • Solar feasibility and site inspection
    • Marketing, communication, and community outreach
    • Legal and financial procedures
    • Events management
    • Project management
  2. Training on Energy efficiency: This includes 2-day training sessions on energy efficiency, fuel poverty, home energy audits and draught proofing. The sessions are spread over 2-3 weeks and covers both theoretical knowledge and practical sessions reading meters, understanding energy bills and installing energy efficiency measures alongside professional installers.
  3. Paid work experience for local Electricians: This involves installing solar panels alongside professional installers and varies in time span based on the size of installation, usually up to 2 weeks. Preference is given to residents who have relevant construction and electrical qualifications or those who are interested in a career in the solar industry.

Repowering internships

Repowering London also runs a series of unpaid internship placements for University level graduates. The programme lasts 3 months and interns gain experience of developing community energy projects learning about the policy, finance, IT, technical, legal, communications, community engagement and policy involved in delivering projects. Repowering London expects graduate interns to make a commitment of at least 2 days a week. Our internship assessment is on a rolling basis and placements are made following a successful interview.

For more information about applying for our internships and work experience opportunities please contact


Investment opportunities

Each of our cooperatives releases a community share offer, giving people the chance to invest in community and receive a good rate of return. For more information about investment opportunities take a look at our projects.