Finance & Admin Volunteer

Finance/Admin volunteer needed to keep Repowering ticking!

Role description

Repowering supports communities to develop, fundraise and install community-owned energy.

We need a superstar to juggle a multitude of finance and administrative tasks for the organisation and individual projects – keeping our fast-growing machine well-oiled to continue spreading and deepening our impact in our communities.

You’ll provide administrative support to a range of activities – from ad-hoc community engagement (e.g. flyering, supporting events), regularly administering payments, updating social media, to keeping our office functioning – remaining a calm and diligent presence in a fast-paced organisation. In exchange, you’ll get great exposure to an exciting start-up innovating future energy generation and supply – all whilst taking positive action against climate change and having fun!

Your main duties:

  • Assisting in the delivery of Repowering’s Community Owned solar projects
  • Providing support and help with community engagement activities such as preparing for meetings, workshops and events, and taking notes
  • Assist in the delivery of Repowering’s community-based internship programmes
  • Assisting with the collection and analysis of data for the monitoring and evaluation of projects
  • Supporting the promotion and marketing of community share offers
  • Assisting with communications such as producing and distributing briefs, flyers, blog posts, newsletters and content for social media.
  • Providing administrative support for Repowering business development and operations
  • Additional adhoc duties as required. We operate a small team and all members are expected to be flexible in their focus and assist others when needed

About Repowering

Repowering London specialises in community energy projects that deliver social, environmental and financial returns to the communities in which they are based.

We support local people to develop, own and manage renewable energy projects within socially deprived neighbourhoods and challenging urban environments. Our work generates not only clean electrical energy, but also the social energy that brings people together to create empowered and resilient communities.

Repowering has established four award winning projects, Brixton Energy Solar 1, 2, 3 and Banister House Solar. These include both the first and largest community-owned energy projects on social housing in the UK. Each project is housed in an independent co-operative that is sustained through income generated from the Feed-in-Tariff and the sale of electricity.

Repowering is a development body that provides the technical, financial, legal and administrative expertise to raise investment from the community and successfully deliver community-owned renewable energy projects.

Your skills:

The preferred candidate will have the following abilities and aptitudes:

  • Be a self-starter and able to work with little supervision
  • Good written and spoken communication
  • Good interpersonal skills and be comfortable picking up the phone or meeting a diverse cross sector of people
  • Have an understanding of and personal connection with the concerns and approach of voluntary community groups
  • Good understanding of renewable energy technologies, Feed-in Tariff, Co-operatives and Community Share offers
  • A personal commitment to environmental sustainability and strengthening communities

To apply for this role please send a brief cover letter (300 words max) and your CV to

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