Covid 19 - Information and Support

During a crisis there is often a lot of confusion. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information out there circulating online and coming through your letterbox.  It’s often difficult to know where to turn to get urgent help with life’s essentials, and the most factual, up-to-date, expert information. We have developed these resources to help:

Coronavirus Emergency – Repowering information summary

The google doc will be updated as more information becomes available to us. If you would like details of your organisation added to this list please email

Repowering London is an organisation with expertise in supporting and empowering people to deal with their energy needs. We help people access grants and discounts to reduce fuel debt and make their homes warm, safe and energy efficient. It’s never been more important to stay on supply & feel warm and safe at home. You might be worried about soaring fuel bills, or struggling to top-up your prepayment meter. We have important information here on emergency support for prepay energy customers, as well as other measures for all gas and electricity customers at this time.

Many of our service users face several hardships, so we keep in touch with other organisations to help our clients access the help they need. Repowering London has produced this live document pulled together from reputable sources, accessible online and by phone for those without easy access to the internet. We’ve enclosed information useful to individuals, groups/organisations and businesses.

Whether you’re personally affected by Coronavirus, looking to offer help and volunteer, dealing with disruption to work, sudden hardships, or trying to access emergency support, we hope this one-stop-resource-shop helps you get the help you need, right now.